Lynne Speight - astrologer in Devon and online

Hi, I’m Lynne, an astrologer working in Devon, UK, and online worldwide.

Welcome to the fascinating and useful world of astrology as a system of life insights and guidance!

If you are seeking to gain self-understanding and new perspectives on life and it’s myriad issues, astrology is a really useful and comprehensive tool box.

An astrological session with me may help you a lot.

If you’re interested in learning more about both astrology and life, my classes may interest you too.

Astrological sessions

A session lasts a couple of hours, either here in Devon, or via Zoom.

It will give you new perspectives shedding light on how to approach and deal with life, your main life themes, and the timings and cycles of your life.  For more, click here.

I also do consultations for children’s parents and for teenagers.

Astrology and Life navigation classes

Some classes are one-off, and some are in a series. They are held in my magic straw-bale hideaway in Buckfastleigh, Devon. I also do them elsewhere in the South West, by request.

I facilatate explorations into how cycles of time work, both in the world around us and throughout our lives, and how to work more in harmony with those cycles and their myriad qualities.  Find out more here.

Or click here find out about astrology and life workshops for teenagers.

About Lynne

For more about me, and to get a sense of my personal approach to astrology and to life, try here.

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