botreamoon-29013An astrological consultation is a 90-105 minute ‘reading’ of your birth chart.

Your chart is an image or map of the positions, orientations and interconnections of the planets in the zodiac signs at the time, date and place of your birth.

It is highly unique to you. It’s like a photo of the time-conditions present when you committed the biggest act of your life – getting born and taking your first breath. That’s why your chart is based on your birth date, time and place.

Astrological charts

A birth chart may be seen as a map of the soul. It’s the essential design of your true self. By coming to understand it you can identify more of what your true self is saying.

The issues of our lives – work, family, relationships, money, health, or teenagers, nappy-changing, tax returns and flat tyres – all have a deeper thread and story behind and beneath them.

Seeing these underlying threads can help you understand the context and significance of what’s happening to you and how to best engage with it.

Astrologers are particularly good at helping people at a crunch-point in their lives, when choices or changes might be needed. But if thunderstorms and earthquakes aren’t your problem right now, an astrological session can nevertheless support your keeping ‘on track’, helping you see things in a bigger and wider context and focus on the further horizon.

About astrological consultations

A reading is like a divining and a revelation of information regarding the archetypes and the ambience of your essential self. It can shed light on the inter-relationships between the different parts of yourself, encoded within this map.

During the reading, I outline characteristics, qualities, strengths, life-orientation, gifts and challenges that are inherent in the unique moment that you came in on. These can help you clarify what you’re really here for, who you are, where you’re coming from and where you’re going.

I also highlight important ongoing and forthcoming planetary trends for the year ahead, perhaps for the recent past too. This can give you a sense of perspective, timing, focus and orientation – something to get to grips with as you wrestle with the issues, themes and realities of the present time.


birthchart-400You will receive a beautiful hand-drawn parchment birth chart if you choose this option (see below). Your hand-drawn birth chart will be mailed to you before the consultation.

After the session, you also get a useful MP3 voice recording which will be sent to you via e-mail. This is really useful: some people listen to their recording years afterwards and they really value it.

Consultations are usually held in my lovely straw-bale astrology studio at my home on the edge of Buckfastleigh in Devon (not far from the main A38 Exeter-Plymouth road).

Zoom or telephone conversations are available if you live anywhere in the world!

Current options and charges

Initial astrological consultation with hand-drawn birthchart.  This is a 90-100 minute reading with beautiful hand-drawn birth chart and MP3 recording – £90.

Alternative initial consultation, at a lower price, with a computer generated chart on parchment (not hand drawn) and MP3 recording. This will cost £80.

Subsequent readings (such as a yearly transit session or looking at a specific life-issue). A 90-100 minute astrological update consultation with MP3 recording – £80.

Astro-mentoring – follow up support sessions, engaging with a chosen life theme, challenge or re-orientation. My approach is to explore the issue through listening with compassionate attendance and enquiry, together with offering astrological context and insights – £60 per hour/£80 per 90mins

Relationship consultation (LGBTQ+ friendly) – An in-depth 2.5 hour consultation focusing on the relationship between two people (ie. partners or parent-and-child), with MP3 recording . Cost is £140 with a hand-drawn relationship chart, or £130 with a computer-generated relationship chart.

Hand-drawn birth chart (image only, no consultation) – £20.

*Please note that I add £10 on all consultations booked on weekends, evenings after 5pm and GB bank holidays.

*NB. A cancellation fee will be charged for any missed, cancelled or re-scheduled appointments.

All the above are payable by bank transfer in UK currency, by PayPal, or in cash if your consultation is in-person

What to do next

For an astrological session, please contact me. Only three things are needed in advance:

  • the time, date and place of your birth. If you are not sure of the time, tell me as much as you know, and we’ll work from there.
  • suggest days and times for a session that would work well for you – two or three options would help – and then I shall reply, and we can make an arrangement.
  • tell me whether you’d like a consultation in Buckfastleigh or via Zoom, Skype or landline. I shall reply with directions or details.

If you have questions about the consultation, let me know and I’ll answer. I won’t need to know your questions or thoughts for the session beforehand. Instead, I shall ask you about this at the beginning of the consultation.

And finally…

Why have an astrological consultation?

lynne-IMG_5139In the course of our lives, we may experience times of responding primarily to the external world, to its interpretation of who we intrinsically are – or, worse, to what we think the world thinks of us.

That is, we operate as if programmed by our conditioning. It is instilled in us by our culture, parents, early-life teachers and, later on, friends, peer group, bosses and partners – even our children.

We may forget to listen to our inner song, which is calling us. When we forget why we’re really here, something about life feels ‘off’ – we are off course.

At times such as this, re-connecting with our intrinsic nature, encoded within our birth chart, helps us get back on track. We begin to reassemble ourselves and reorganise the details of our lives more appropriately to fit the true person that we genuinely are.

An astrological consultation will greatly serve you if you are:

  • at a junction point in your life – this happens to all of us at different times;
  • questioning or questing, regarding one or more specific issues;
  • or perhaps you have an indistinct feeling about something you can’t put your finger on;
  • or perhaps you need to get insights and clues about your next moves in life.

In situations like these it can really help to gain some insight and guidance. It helps open up a pathway leading forward from here, toward fulfilling your life-direction, honing your gifts, pursuing your dream or simply getting through the tangled mess that life can sometimes be. It’s a re-orienting of your inner guidance system.

There are times when we need to be reminded of who we really are. You can journey on with a more conscious awareness of the many characters that inhabit this particular, precious and very unique inner theatre that you are!

If you are at a crux point in life where you feel you’re wrestling with big decisions, it helps to ‘get the message’. If you are learning from life, it will be a success. The mission is simply to become who you are truly meant to be.

An astrological consultation is a deeply supportive navigational tool for anyone who wishes to clarify their self-understanding, or perhaps their understanding of their child, a teenager or partner.

The Usefulness of Astrology

Astrology is an incredibly useful tool for personal growth and development. It offers a code by which we may understand ourselves, others, and life.

Astrological wisdom and understanding helps your self-awareness, personal exploration and self-acceptance. It can also give an understanding of the time-cycles unfolding and evolving in your life, and their underlying message, meaning and timing.

Astrology carries the potential for deep healing through transformative insight. Healing the way we perceive things, we can see things differently from a new perspective. Perhaps, what you thought was a problem might be an advantage or a solution!

Astrology is a tool that deeply supports us in ‘growing down’ into our inherent nature, rather than ‘growing up’ into what we think we ought to be. It helps us see the real ‘who’ that we genuinely are. It orients us towards our lodestone, our true north.

I also offer Consultations for Teenagers and for Parents of Children.

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