Astrology for teenagers

Astrology for teenagers
– consultations and workshops

Workshops are lower down the page.


For teenagers age 13+ 

wkshps-zodiacDuring this chapter of life, you will find yourself in a profound learning phase. You’re thinking about life, the universe, who you are and how you fit into it all… or perhaps how you feel you don’t! At this point in your life, you may really enjoy and benefit from having an astrological session with me.

You’ll get ideas and insights which contribute to your self-understanding and awareness, offering unique supportive illuminations and guidance.

An astrological chart is like a box full of treasures, clues to help you on your journey through life. It’s like a map of who you are, and an astrologer can help you interpret and decode it.

An astrological session with me is absolutely confidential – you’ll be in a safe and respectful space, and free to be open in any way you wish. I will give honest responses to your thoughts and questions and a recognition of who you really are.

An astrology session is for you, it’s about your life. You are in charge of what you wish to share, with the trust that I will respond with respect for your individuality and your personal and lifestyle choices.

What happens?

The session, 90-100minutes, will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file to keep and listen to when you need.

An astrology session at this point in your life can be a true gift. It clarifies your personal qualities, your strengths and your challenges.

Alongside looking at the many qualities which make up ‘You’, we will look at ways to engage with current and forthcoming situations and decisions, addressing the choices in front of you, anything that might be standing in the way and how to gain fulfillment.

The idea is to support you in your journey of becoming yourself.  It helps you become your best… and glow.

I particularly enjoy working with young people as they’re on the threshold of entering the bigger world. A teenage student once told me that they had never heard anyone else put ‘teenagers’ and ‘wonderful’ in the same sentence!

The practical details

A hand-drawn chart

You will receive a beautiful hand-drawn parchment birth chart – see below for details and prices

Live consultations are held in my lovely straw-bale astrology studio This is at my home on the edge of Buckfastleigh in Devon (not far from the main A38 Exeter-Plymouth road).

Zoom or telephone conversations are available if you live further away, or anywhere in the world. If you opt for a hand-drawn birth chart, it will be posted to you before the consultation.

My charges for consultations

You could express a wish to be given an astrology consultation as a gift by asking your parents, a relative or friend. It could be for your birthday, Christmas or simply as an anytime gift!

If you’re leaving school and you’re thinking about what happens next (careers, college or adventures), this can be a particularly good time to have your chart done and discuss your options.

Initial astrological consultation for teenagers, with hand-drawn birthchart. This is a 90-100 minute reading with beautiful hand-drawn birth chart and MP3 recording, and you also get a PDF chart that you can keep on your phone. All this costs £80.

Alternative initial consultation. This is at a lower price, with a computer generated chart image (as opposed to hand drawn), with MP3 recording, and you also get a PDF chart that you can keep on your phone. This costs £70.

Follow-on readings: if you would like to come again – such as a yearly transit session or looking at a specific life-issue. A 90-100 minute astrological update consultation with MP3 recording – £70.

All the above are payable by bank transfer in UK (I’ll send details) or by PayPal. Face-to-face session can be paid in cash at the time. (If paying from abroad by PayPal, I add £5 to cover currency conversion charges.)

What to do next

If you’d like an astrological session, please contact me. Only three things are needed in advance:

  • send me the time, date and place of your birth. If you’re not sure of the time, tell me as much as you know about it, and we’ll work from there.
  • suggest days and times for a session that would work well for you – two or three options would help – and then I shall reply, and we can make an arrangement.
  • tell me whether you’d like a consultation in Buckfastleigh or via Zoom. I shall reply with directions or a Zoom invite.

If you have questions about the consultation, let me know and I’ll answer.


I also now offer follow-up mentoring and support sessions for young people. In these hour long sessions, I listen with interest and compassion, offering continuing insights and wisdom to support you through any sticky, tricky or challenging times which you may be experiencing. I draw upon astrology together with my life experience and wisdom gained from having been a teenager myself, mothering four wonderful teenagers, as well as teaching and supporting many more. These sessions can be one-off or regular, designed to fit your personal need. Current prices are £45 per hour. Please contact me for more info.


Workshops for Teenagers

Teenagers’ Astrology and Life Exploration workshops
– stand-alone and ongoing.

Groups for 13-15yr olds and 16-19yr olds

Introduction to the Four Elements and the
12 Zodiac signs – over three sessions

zodiac1These are three after school or evening workshops which are especially designed for young people. Each workshop comprises two hours of fascinating and thought-provoking astrology and life wisdom.

In the first workshop, we explore each of the four elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water, which form the foundation of astrological wisdom.

In the following two workshops, we explore each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac; as a perceptual lens and a way of understanding how we see life differently from one another. This helps us to understand both our own and another person’s perspective on life.

These three workshops also serve as an introduction to the following series, if you find astrology interesting:

Teenagers’ Astrology and Life
Exploration workshops

A series of workshops for teenagers. These after school or evening workshops last two hours, meeting once a month over at least a year, with the possibility of continuation if this is desired.

Lynne's magic strawbale hut - in the snow!
My magic strawbale hut in the snow

Workshops take place in my magical straw-bale studio at my home in Buckfastleigh, Devon.

I have facilitated four series of teenagers astrology workshops, which I am often told are fondly remembered, even years later.

If you would like to attend but live too far away, I may be able to travel to you and hold workshops in your area by arrangement.

Each class is open to a maximum of six participants so advance booking is required

We focus on astrology woven together with crucial life themes and topics that many young people face in life. These issues are a fusion of fascinating, truth-seeking and exciting!

During these workshops we explore astrology which offers you tools to help navigate life as a young person.

In previous teenagers’ workshop cycles we have focused upon:

  • The experience of leaving childhood behind
  • Who am I?
  • Dealing with change – how we cope
  • Personal values and beliefs
  • Understanding and relating to others who are different to you
  • Assertiveness and compassion
  • Boundaries
  • Dealing with authority
  • School, college and future work choices
  • Relationships – joys and challenges
  • Relationships with parents and friends
  • Dealing with friendship loss and breakups
  • Gender exploration
  • Facing mental health difficulties
  • Pacing and balancing different areas of life
  • Peer pressure and drug use
  • Self care
  • Resourcing ourselves – who or where can we seek and gain information and support?
  • Death, loss and grief

These issues are explored, picked apart, delved into and discussed in a spirit of openness curiosity and respect.

I greatly enjoy working with young people. Teenagers are inspiring people with an urge to expand in different areas of life, challenging norms and rules, seeding change and evolution… and sometimes even revolution!

I have raised four teenagers and have taught many others during the years I worked with 12-16 year-olds in a Steiner school. I specialised in fashion, design and clothes ~ a wonderful way to explore and support evolving individuality and self expression.

Young people have a natural hunger for learning about and understanding life, and may often seek and benefit from a new enviroment in which to discuss life issues; to be heard, recognised, encouraged and supported.

alex-6750These workshops provide a creative safe haven and an inspired melting pot for you to find out more about life.

Each group organically evolves in its own unique way, based on a clear foundational structure that I have developed.

You will learn some astrology as we go along, and we’ll look at your birth charts and get to understand them.

It can be fascinating to look at one anothers birthcharts…it’s a great way to understand our uniqueness as well as our different outlooks and approached to life.

Themes of interest or sometimes of burning need may arise as we progress! Everyone gets a chance to be heard, to develop their own positions on important questions, and discuss issues with their fellows in the group.

This group begins with three workshops on the  Four Elements and the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac  (see above).  in which we explore different personality types and ways of approaching life, the universe and everything, through the lens of the elements and signs. These explorations naturally inspire wonderings, questions and discussion.

If the group wishes to continue meeting after these first three introductory workshops, I then create a unique format tailored to work for the group. I have held a number of teenage groups over the years and in one case, a group chose to continue for three years! It was a rich experience for us all. NB.Flexibility and adaptation of the workshop schedule is possible, to meet exam needs and school or college holidays.

Workshops are two hours in duration, in my straw-bale garden studio in Buckfastleigh. I encourage lift-sharing to and from my home. These workshops are portable, so please contact me if you are interested in having a group somewhere else.

And there will be delicious home-made chocolate flapjacks…


Each two-hour workshop costs £18, with £15 concessions available, if needed. We begin with two introductory sessions on the Four Elements and the Twelve Zodiac signs. It is helpful at this point to have your own birthchart drawn up for reference, for which I will need your birth date, time and place. This will then be yours to keep, and costs £20.

If you enjoy the introductory workshops and would like to continue, you can commit to the whole Teenage Astrology and Life Exploration course.  Your own hand drawn birthchart, if not already ordered, will now be an essential reference and tool for each participant during the year’s course.  NB. There are no other costs occurring during this course beyond the £18 per evening workshop fee.

We will meet once monthly for a year. There’s no homework! And…I do encourage you to let the topics percolate as well as simply observing yourself and others, after each workshop. This usually happens quite naturally and when you engage in this way, you will extend and deepen your understanding of life and the way different personalities uniquely approach life experiences.

Furthering the Journey

If you’ve really enjoyed the Astrology and Life Exploration workshop series, we can deepen the journey. There is a follow-up option, which includes looking at more astrology, together with further depth-charging into important and gritty life issues which the group opts to focus upon.

I hope you are inspired to come along! Please contact me if you or your friendship group would like to begin a Teenagers Astrology and Life Exploration workshop, and we can discuss a date to begin.

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