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Child consultations – for parents

Astrology for children. As a parent, your son’s or daughter’s birth chart is the nearest thing to an instruction manual you’ll ever get.

Astrological consultations for parents of childrenIt can support your understanding of your child’s inherent nature, gifts and challenges… to get a picture of their natural, hard-wired, inherent way of being.

An astrological consultation for your child offers a helpful and insightful focus upon your child and how you, as a parent, may best support and facilitate their process in becoming themselves.

We can look into any questions or issues which you may be experiencing. This might concern home life, siblings, friends, school, character development, decisions to be made…

We will explore parenting in a way which will facilitate and enrich connection with your child, alongside nurturing their unique nature.

And we will explore emerging gifts, issues and characteristics, whilst understanding a deeper significance to the events and experiences in the child’s emerging life.

Practical details

A session can be held at my home in Buckfastleigh, Devon, or via Zoom.

It is recorded and I will follow up by sending you the MP3 recording. This is really valuable and worth listening to later in the child’s life.

It takes up to two hours. You can share any thoughts and ask any questions at the time of the session.

I shall need the time, date and place of the child’s birth, from which I’ll calculate the birth chart, and it will be given or sent to you.

Current charges

A hand-drawn chart
A hand-drawn chart

Initial astrological consultation for children, with hand-drawn birthchart.  This is a 90 – 100 minute reading with beautiful hand-drawn birth chart and MP3 recording – £80

Alternative initial consultation for children, for those who would like to pay a lower price, opting for a computer generated chart image (as opposed to hand drawn), with an MP3 recording. This will cost £70.

Subsequent readings. If would like to come again – for a yearly update, or to discuss any issues arising, in your child’s general development or to focus on a specific life-issue. A 90-100 minute astrological update consultation with MP3 recording – £70

All the above are payable by bank transfer in UK , by PayPal or, with a face-to-face session, cash at the time.

What to do next

If you’d like an astrological session for your child, please contact me. Only three things are needed in advance:

  • send me the time, date and place of the child’s birth, together with their name. If you are not sure of the time, please tell me as much as you know about it, and we’ll work from there.
  • suggest days and times for a session that would work well for you – ie. two or three options – and then I shall reply, and we can make an arrangement.
  • tell me whether you’d like a consultation in Buckfastleigh or via Zoom I shall reply with directions or a Zoo invite.

I hope you are inspired to come along for a child consultation and gain an astrological version of a manual and toolkit to support the very specific journey of parenting your child.

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