Full Moon…Autumn Equinox …and New Moon

Here are some insights into tomorrow’s Full Moon in Pisces, (04.34 GMT Saturday 14th.September), and the forthcoming seasonal shift of Autumn Equinox. May this be inspiring, useful and supportive on your Life journey!

Full Moon

The particular Full Moon is traditionally known as the Harvest moon, due to lending the fullness of it’s light to harvest gatherers throughout time. 
The Moon is in Pisces, in conjunction with Neptune, and the Sun is shining full upon it’s face from across the Zodiac, in Virgo, in conjunction with Mars. Both the Sun and the Moon are linked in a 90′ (square) aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius, forming what is traditionally known as a T-square.

So what does it all mean and how might it be relevant and useful to understand? Well, here goes….
This Full Moon ambience (Moon in Pisces/Sun in Virgo) is a recognition of each of our unique and personal gifts of ‘willing service’; the flowing and giving of our natural gifts for the benefit of both ourselves and others, giving us a place in Life.
It’s the sharing expression of our natural essence; that which we came into this life to be and do.

The following questions deepen our engagement with this important life theme:

  • What is your gift or skill, which flows freely and effortlessly through you into the world, and which you simply love giving?
  • Is this already radiating through you, being expressed and given into Life?
  • And where, and how might you find the best ‘fit’ of this gift, into life and everyday reality, to maximise it’s blossoming?
  • Does something need to be tweaked or re-shaped to create a better ‘fit’, either within yourself, or in the world? (NB. this might be either practical or attitudinal)

The involvement of the other planets (noted above) with this Full Moon, open us up to a dynamic urgency towards finding our niche in the order of life and doing something useful and meaningful; having a sense of purpose, place and a role in the grand scheme of things.
There is a push-pull between fulfilling the needs of our everyday practical needs and the order we have created in our lives, together with desires to make a greater space for our dreams and desires to live in accordance with Spirit…to dream bigger and infuse life with a sense of greater connection and unification. There is a likely test of hope and faith and the potential of being inspired and infused with greater dreams and goals…. or chasing Grand Illusions! Remember that ‘beware’ means Be Aware!

Autumn Equinox

The Equinox is ten days after tomorrow’s Full Moon (Monday 23rd.September at 08.50hrs GMT) when day and night are equal in length.
This is a point of poise and balance in the cycle of the year. It is a balance point after which Autumn reigns for the next three months, until Winter Solstice.

This is the time of year when our activities, and our awareness begin to subtly move inwards, towards the resting or Yin phase of the year.We find we are reflecting upon our lives, the world, and what it’s all about, a little more than usual. Our attention begins to turn and find it’s focus within. The central theme becomes BALANCE…

Tomorrow’s Full Moon occurs ten days before Autumn Equinox…and the New Moon (when both Sun and Moon are in conjunction) occurs five days afterwards. There is a sense of symmetry in this cycle… There is rich potential at Full Moon to visibly see and be consciously aware of the blossoming fullness, harvest and consequences of these last nine ‘growth-oriented’ months. Then we reach the poise and balance point of Equinox, which heralds the seasonal ‘shift’ into Autumn, further emphasised by the forthcoming New Moon.

We can explore and move with this process, by connecting consciously with the Full Moon themes (above), followed by Autumn Equinoctial themes before by the inward-moving orientation of the waning Moon phase.
Read on….

Autumn Equinox questions and musings to keep us on track

  • What have you experienced, created, understood and brought to fruition and harvest, over these last nine months?
  • And now, can you find and acknowledge the inherent value this experience or action has, as a jewel within?
  • How may you process this into usefulness which might benefit others, and the world around you?

And here’s an Autumnal image to ponder: After gathering the fruits of Nature’s creative labours, we then use our time, energy and commitment to process them into a useful form in order to be enjoyed, be of lasting usefulness (preserving), and be of benefit (food, medicine, crafting or building materials).
So it is with the fruits of our own life experiences and creative labours.

Consider the theme of balance in your life:

  • What is in balance in your life? Honour this…give it value, and give yourself credence!
  • What is out of balance? See what you may be able to adjust, adapt, reconsider, see from another angle, change. Above all, be kind to yourself!
  • Consider your state of health and well being…may anything need adjusting here?
  • Do you have a good balance of work and rest/rejuvenation? Active-time and dream-time?

Dark Moon and New Moon

Five days after Autumn Equinox, we enter into into the Dark Moon phase of this Lunar cycle (26/27th.September).

Dark Moon is the lunar phase of integrating and disintegrating, ‘making sense of’, releasing, shifting, and finally letting go.
It is an ’emptying’ which creates space for inner dreaming and transformation (trance-formation).
It’s a time to focus upon opening up a respectful space for your intuitions and the subtle nuances of your feelings and dreams…be awake to the shifting and arising sense of meaning which may emerge….

These soul-weavings will infuse the new themes and pathways which birth with the New Moon in Libra on Saturday 28th.September….time to stand with poise, grace, and power amidst the goldening of this season.

Blessings upon this season!

Pisces New Moon

Old Moon and New Moon | 5th/6th March 2019

     An Astroblog created to enhance understanding and engagement with the forthcoming Dark or Old moon (Tuesday 5th March 2019) and the following day of the Pisces New Moon (Wednesday 6th March 2019). May this be interesting, useful and supportive of your Life’s journey! You may have already noticed the forthcoming New Moon on Wednesday 6th March, in your diary or calendar. The preceding day is an ‘Old or Dark’ Moon. This last phase in the Lunar cycle just isn’t noted or ‘publicised’ in the same way. Yet… it carries a very important essence and energy; of looking back, laying to rest, letting go and releasing. Very valuable stuff in itself… and engaging with this process also clears the ground, and the stage, for the energy of the following day’s New Moon to be utilised… with maximum potential. So, we find ourselves amidst the influence, and cosmic energy-weather of A Dark Old Moon in Pisces on Tuesday 5th March. What does this actually mean?! (This is really the whole purpose of this blog… to delve and discover… hopefully yielding something which you can tuck under your belt for use in your everyday.) Let’s go back to basics for a moment, to gain some context….

Cycles of the Moon

Each month, the Moon moves through different lunar phases, or tides, in its orbital dance around the Earth, due to its inter-relationship with the Sun and the Earth. The Lunar cycle begins at New Moon, then waxes to Full Moon, and finally wanes back down to Dark Old Moon. We can see these phases visibly occurring by watching the Moon in our sky, month by month, and also by referring to a calendar, diary or app, to track the ebbs and flows. Have a look… become a Moon gazer… it’s interesting and worth it! Because… as well as being a beautiful flow to observe, doing so reminds us that the Cosmos is an amazing place of exquisite planetary dances and inter-weavings… AND… it reminds us to tune in to our lives being touched and moved by the Moon’s cyclical journey; we can feel it in ourselves and see it in the world around us. We really don’t have to look too hard – we just need to put ourselves in ‘noticing’ mode. And of course it’s useful to gain some idea about how we might best engage with this ‘happening’ each month. These cycles of the Moon really do carry a natural flow of shifting, morphing energy which we find ourselves immersed within, as Earthlings. There are different sorts of energetic waves to ride at different times throughout the monthly flow of waxings and wanings. It would be really handy stuff for us to be taught in school… so we embed this wisdom early on in the marrow of our psyches. So, onto the specifics of Dark Old Moon… Dark Old Moon is the final day of the waning, ‘shrinking’ moon, when there is no moon visible in the sky. This is the energy-weather within which we find ourselves this Tuesday, 5th March. And this Moon phase happens against the backdrop of the Zodiac sign of Pisces. So… what’s particular about this, and what to do?

The Old Moon

Well, this Dark Old Moon phase is a time of release. We often experience it as time of inwardness and retreat. There can be a desire to hunker down and snuggle up, to be in a more ‘yin’ space. Sometimes you may find you are tired at this point in a lunar cycle. It’s a real opportunity to ride the wave of a big ‘let-go’. It’s time to reflect, look back over the last month, do a mini-appraisal of the meaningful things which happened… the good, the bad and the ugly… as well as the beautiful, the wonderful, and the mysterious. Glancing retrospectively, honour your engagement with it all; the wisdom which you gained from experiences, recognise what you found glitchy, or where you might like to do ‘it ‘differently next time, or how you might like to continue. Look particularly closely at your recent visions and ideals of bringing change(s) into being; new potential, new ways; thinking beyond the box. Look at your hopes, dreams and wishes which you have been holding dear and doing your best to cultivate and bring into being, particularly over this last month. These are the themes at play in your life since the last New Moon in Aquarius, approximately a month ago. Take a look at your personal balance of giving to others and the world… and giving to yourself. Is the ratio a healthy one – not too tight and not too loose? Do you need to give some attention to tweaking and recallibrating that balance? Looking back over our shoulder in this way, at Dark Old Moon, lays things to rest and releases a space into which New Moon energy is most likely to be maximised. At New Moon, the ground is ready for a new cycle to commence. This is best unfettered by cobwebs of stuff which needed to be seen, sifted, shifted and let go. Dark Old Moon is a good time to rest and nourish ourselves, to eat purely and drink plenty of water, and be, rather than do. On this Piscean New Moon, you will benefit from attending to some simple psychic clearing, too.

The New Moon

New Moon is when both the Sun and the Moon are in the same place in the sky, the brightness of the Sun masking and ‘disappearing’ the Moon, hence its being invisible. Wednesday’s New Moon is at 16.05 GMT/UT on Wednesday 6th March 2019, with Sun and Moon both in conjunction with Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces. This combination enhances our potential connection with the aspect of ourselves which seeks to connect with Spirit and unification with the Great Beyond, from whence we came, and where we will eventually return… and our desire to love with compassion and healing. New Moon is a time of new beginning… an energy-rise. It’s about initiating, action and ‘doing’, the best time to begin, to commit, to be bold, to plant the seed of our intent, to go for it with conviction, energy, faith and gung-ho! And, in order to maximise the particular energy of this Pisces New Moon, we need to make space for listening to our intuitions or dreams, and the whisperings of our Spirit guides, as they don’t generally like to bellow (even though at times they might feel the need to). These intuitions can very powerfully infuse our everyday, giving us a sense of connection with our deeper purpose and being part of something greater than ourselves. Listening in this way is something which is, of course, always helpful, as it’s a particular echo of this New Moon in Pisces, as well as throughout the next two weeks of the Sun being in Pisces.

Questions to keep us on track

  • What is really touching and stirring you at present? What moves you into your heart and inspires a desire within you, to help, to heal, to make life better, to offer loving kindness to yourself and others.
  • In what areas of life might you be inspired towards a more compassionate flow?
  • In what way may it be possible for you to engage in that life area, big or small, near or far?
  • Remember, this is the month for Random Acts of Kindness!
Blessings upon each of these Lunar phases. May you surf the lunar wave with curiosity and a sense of adventure! With Blessings, Lynne