Crisis and Opportunity – 2019-2020

Over this last year, astrologers have been awaiting and a-wondering….what kind of protagonists may emerge onto the world stage towards the end of 2019 and throughout 2020? Strikingly potent change-bringing astrological signatures began moving into alignment.

The main focus has been upon the conjunction (meeting) of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This alignment signifies structural upheaval and the urge towards deconstruction and re-construction of authority and power structures in our lives. This particular conjunction hasn’t occurred in Capricorn since 1581. I remember looking ahead towards this time with curiosity, excitement and a little trepidation.

What was imagined/foreseen on the World stage?

The underlying themes showed a stage set where fundamentally important and starkly uncomfortable truths would likely be revealed within the core of our society. The needs of humanity and nature would rise into focus with urgency and a re-visioning.                  Breakdowns, breakthroughs and power/structural upheavals may occur.

Revelations of hidden agendas, chaos, uncertainty, differences of opinion and a grappling for safety, security and control. All this, amidst potentially very real survival needs, requiring our urgent attention and action. And….at the centre of it all, transformative potential.

The world stage-backdrop of these planetary alignments would be the architecture of long-established structures of governance and authority. These structures have developed strong root systems over time; now being well embedded ‘norms’ in our societies; shockingly unquestioned by many.

Within this unfolding story, we may begin to see with X-ray eyes, whatever is no longer functioning on a deeply foundational level. And these revelations would affect have far and deep reaching consequences.

Questions would occur about the appropriateness of certain traditional values, within both ourselves as individuals as well as amongst the collective. Old values are the bedrock upon which we have built our concept of ‘authority’ together with our organisational structures of governance, politics, finances, bureaucracy, health, social care and education.

Amidst such an upheaval, our survival-urgency and agency is inspired and activated. Phenomenal potential exists for the breakdown of malfunctioning Old ways…to alter, unpick or destroy anything outworn…to transform…amidst the necessity to birth and re-build New ways – a new system rising out of the ashes, based upon values and principles which support the survival and wellbeing of humankind and nature, functioning in a sustainable way.

And now, beyond imagination, we find ourselves firmly planted amidst these times which Astrologers spent much time a-wondering about!                                                     .                                                                                                                                                          The Current wave in context.  

Firstly, a little about ‘Planetary Waves’:   These are the movements of any planet through a Zodiac sign, both the faster moving inner planets and, (more usually focused upon), the slower moving outer planets. These waves also include any close inter-relationships between planets which occur along the way.

As in the sea, these ‘waves’ begin as a swell, then crest and break before the important process of integration begins.  This all happens over time!                                                                                                                                 Understanding the particular signature of a planetary wave gives us pithy information about the backdrop and focus of an era. We are then able to gain context and know what to engage with.

Planetary waves ‘happen’…I see them as Fate. And with our Free Will, we can choose to engage with them and maximise their potential..                                                                   

Or….we may choose to resist or block their themes in our lives. Yet this act of repression has the consequence of binding up vital life energy and diminishing healthy and creative flow. (And we tend to simply ‘get it’ again, in some other form!). The interweavings of Fate, Free Will and Destiny.

The Protagonists gather on the World stage- 2017-19

So let’s place the current planetary waves within a larger time-frame; and gain some understanding of their early beginnings and initial expressions on the world stage of 2017-19.                                                                                        

  • The Astrology of the Times – Saturn entered Capricorn and the very first ripples began making waves… building towards the Saturn-Pluto coupling.  Uranus swung into Taurus and Neptune continued floating through Pisces.

Hubble bubble….( few ‘Happenings’ during 2017-19)

  • Mass migration of vulnerable people from war torn and politically unstable countries, chaos and inhuman conditions in refugee camps, alongside the creation of ‘compassion in action’.
  • Donald Trump became the US president – (no details needed)
  • Teresa May led the GB government, later standing down mid-term amidst longwinded and complex Brexit negotiations (watched worldwide…with eye-rolling).
  • Climate change issues grew in urgency and Greta Thunberg became a much loved figure of hope, inspiration and courage.
  • Extinction rebellion was born and mass rallies began in GB.
  • ‘Me Too’ movement illuminated sexual harassment and assault, rife within our power structures.
  • Human issues gathered momentum and sought to be heard, on a global level.
  • And Coronavirus began its surreptitious viral spread.


So into the Now.

Centre stage in Spring 2020 is the global pandemic of Covid-19, with its ever-creeping viral spread. Health services are stretched to their limits, governments implement various stages of nationwide restrictions or actual lockdown throughout the world. We are facing something which strikes at our very core…issues of survival on a personal and global level; illness, death, grief and struggling organisational structures. The death toll worldwide rises dramatically on a daily level, there has been food scarcity and panic buying, distress, fear and anxiety, and slowing internet as it becomes overloaded as a lifeline, connectivity or a security blanket.

And… there are rising recoveries from the virus, explorations into natural and complimentary medicines, growing community actions, kindness, consideration and compassion.

There is a sudden re-wiring of people’s everyday habits and reality. Some people are extremely highly pressured in their work, ( and care workers, those in the food industry, and those who provide services to a country-full of people). Some people are now unable to work, sometimes due to the need for social-distancing, or self-isolation if infected or vulnerable. All this is bringing huge financial, emotional and life-meaning repercussions. And for some, there is an opening up of time and space…a slowing down, a being/going-local, a time to choose, consider, think and dream.

So here we are within the alchemical alembic of Earth; where cosmic background themes play out on the world stage, of a greater magnitude than many of us have ever seen. And it’s globally shared, we are all involved. No-one is exempt or can ‘escape’. Challenging and mortality facing. Anxiety and grief become close bedfellows with loving kindness.

These are fertile conditions within which changes, shifts and transformations may occur, both personally and globally. Remember….’Politics begin at home’.

We have much to do, and ‘be’. We can each choose to engage and ride these wild, challenging and ultimately transformative planetary waves with the best of our abilities, in our very own creative way.

May we do it well and wholeheartedly, each in our own way being a uniquely magnificent and ordinary piece of the grand jigsaw puzzle of Life on Earth.

‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now…’    – Goethe

I will be writing a further blog over the next few days, further exploring the meanings of current  planetary waves within this crucial time, and how we can best engage to‘Be the change.’


Lynne Speight

(Dip.Astrological Psychology 1995)                                        March 31st. 2020