Dark Moon in Virgo

It’s a Dark Old Moon in Virgo today and this evening, 14th.September 2023, ending the waning phase of the lunar cycle before tomorrow’s New Moon at 2.49am UK time.
And there are currently six retrograde planets – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
So this is a particularly juicy, pithy time to reflect and re-view, to look over our shoulder and see what emerges as a re-visioning.
Our inner eye is wide open in this lunar phase, slowly witnessing aspects of our lives which seek our processing and digestion.
Slowing down enables us to notice nuances. Body-scanning…slowly, deeply… may yield important instinctive knowings and insights under this Moon.
Listen care-fully…what is your body calling for and telling you?
Dark old Moon witnessing and processing is such a crucial process which then o-so-naturally flows into the emergent phase as the New Moon births the next lunar cycle.
Today is a sense-divining phase, time to pause and re-collect to allow a settling and a simple blessing of the month just passed.
Such honouring of the dark old moon spins and weaves wisdom from our life experiences and gives tinder to the spark of tomorrow morning’s New Moon.
Blessings on this Dark Old Moon in Virgo 🌘♍️

Virgo season

Virgo season has begun.
Early this morning my kitchen was full of the rich aroma of bread rising overnight, with hints of blackberries infusing in vinegar in a big earthenware pot, richly stewing a medicinal cordial to soothe sore throats over Winter.
The Sun had risen that bit later, visibly lower in the sky, and the grass was still damp from the night’s dew.
It’s the time of year when we behold the wonder and value of the Earth’s gifts, riches and all we can harvest.
Shining grain fields transformed into bread, swelling golden corn on the cob, deep iron-rich beetroots, ripening apples, purple blackberries, jelly and jam and pickle making, pumpkins and squash, trailing beans…and herbs which gift us precious medicine.
Virgo is a mutable Earth sign of the ritual priestess or virgin. This is a simple and quiet hermit-in-the-woods archetype, who lives within the seasons, sealskin patted firmly on, observing and honouring nature’s cycles.
It’s the one who practices and gifts earthy healing magic. the one who crafts and mends and brings attention to the small yet important details of life, with thoughtfulness.
It’s a sign of interiority, simplicity, a desire to bring order to life, to sort, discern and clarify wheat from chaff, Self from Other.
Virgo season is a liminal season…an inbetween mutable sign where Summer is ending and Autumn is beginning. It’s the season to notice the nuances of seasonal and cyclical transformation; the dew falling just a little earlier at night and lasting that little bit longer in the morning, the shift of different constellations rising and setting in the sky, the many wonders of our Earth and Cosmos, and the Spirit and elemental power weaving throughout all.
Time to pause, to take stock, to order, to mend, to clear.
What do you want to keep and cherish in your being and in your life… to integrate and incorporate? What may you feel nudged or called to release at Summer’s End?
A simple ritual of sitting outdoors by a fire as dusk falls, settling into reflection, wisdom-making, release and commitment can give great benefit in times of transition and transformation. Something is marked…and life may move and weave on in a subtly altered, deepened enriched way.
Then notice what may emerge….maybe a stirring within your Soul…maybe a call to weave some simple awe-some wonder into your Life…
Blessings on this Virgo season🌾🌻 💖